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Unsweetened Powdered Almond Butter Wholesale

Barney Unsweetened Powdered Almond Butter is a healthier, better for you protein boost with just one ingredient - almonds! Our 100% natural + Non-GMO verified powdered almond butter provides an incremental option for almond butter addicts in search of an additional protein punch with less fat, calories, and carb count. Our unsweetened almond powder is expeller pressed, a method for extracting oil from the almonds, leaving all the good stuff from the almond in dry, powder form with93% less fat and 75% fewer calories. With 6 grams of protein, only 45 calories, and no added sugar or salt, our Unsweetened Powdered Almond Butter gives you a cleannutrient-dense option and checks so many boxes: peanut free, Paleo, Keto, Vegan, gluten-free. Go ahead, fuel your life.

Blanched Almonds.

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